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Bored Members stuffed by Long Shots, 6-3.

A four goal third period by the Long Shots was the difference on Friday in a 6-3 win.

We're not sure how the Long Shots are doing it, but when Steve Iannetti has 5 goals in 7 games, it's like your dog bringing home a paycheck.

Tack on some good, not great, but good goaltending from the Cooz, and this gold team has quietly improved to 5-2 after sweeping the Bored Members in a home and home series.

Iannetti opened the scoring just 6 minutes in, but Todd Bernie Nichol countered for the last place red team and the first ended 1-1, more or less.

In the 2nd captain Andy Long let the dogs out. George Anderson, Joe Smith, Mark DeFelippis, and even the other Stiegerwald, you know Jake, the not so good one, scored. Just like that it was 5-1 Long Shots.

Jake even scored another one in the third to thwart any idea of a comeback from the Bored Members, as the gold team takes this one going away, 6-3.

"The key is, that team is all worried about family, and hurting feelings if they don't pass to each other," noted Andy Long about the Bored Members tight knit team. "They have to eat dinner with each other. We don't. Our team is full of guys that don't like each other. There is no drama here. No worrying about not passing and hurt feelings. It's every man for himself, and that seems to be working right now."

Apparently it is, as the gold team now resides all along in first place with a two game lead, and we've just passed the halfway point of the season.



Hockeytown A; 13-Jun-2014 06:00 AM; 2014 Regular; Friday

Long Shots (Friday) 6  Bored Members (Friday) 3

First Period

1. Long Shots, Iannetti, Steve (Smith, Joe) 06:01
2. Bored Members, Nichol, Todd (Osbahr, Bill / Ambrosino, JA) 10:14
Penalties - None.

Second Period

3. Long Shots, Anderson, George (Morin, Jon) 07:50
4. Long Shots, Smith, Joe (Long, Andy / Rogato, Jeff) 15:45
5. Long Shots, DeFilippis, Mark (Smith, Joe) 17:41 (gw)
6. Long Shots, Steigerwald, Jake (Anderson, George) 14:00
Penalties - None.

Third Period

7. Bored Members, Nichol, Todd (Murphy, Rick) 04:07
8. Long Shots, Steigerwald, Jake (Morin, Jon) 16:40
9. Bored Members, Ambrosino, JA (Unassisted) 18:18
Penalties - None.

Goal - Bored Members: Fuji, Tom; Long Shots: Boccuzzi, Mike

Power plays - Bored Members: 0-for-0; Long Shots: 0-for-0

Officials: Vin, Matt