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Caldor clunks Bradlees, 8-3

It wasn't as bad as it looked on the scoreboard. But at the same time it was.

A pair of goals by the usual scoring leader had yellow up 2-0 after one. A goal by Andrusin had the lead at 3 as they began to pull away from the struggling navy Bradlees team.

Two goals by JA Ambrosino got them back in the game briefly, but Caldor countered with a rare Joe Surrette goal and another by the league leader.

Up 5-2 after two, Andrusin completed the hat trick, and then Surrette tacked on an open net goal with 1 second left for the 8-3 final.

"I remember when Ben was a championship caliber goalie," said Rick Armand. "Maybe he has the championship hangover this season."

"You try playing net with Hardy as your top defenseman and lemme know how it goes?" Ben chuckled.

"If I was the only defenseman, which I am, I still wouldn't be the top defenseman," replied Hardy.

Caldor improves to 3-1-1 good enough for 2nd place.

"Our goal is to make the playoffs, and get Melito one playoff win," said John Gambale. "We're all hoping Chiulli can make that happen."


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