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Germany finishes off Finland, 5-1.

Dustin was smooth as silk, scoring two and assisting on another, as Germany rolled over faltering Finland 5-1.

Chewie had the only Finland goal, and that was unassisted until after the game.

Legere, Ragu, and Thompson had the Germany team up 3-1 before Silk cashed in with two insurance/Kotex goals.

It was nice to see Fuji come back down to Earth after a strong start and even a shutout to start the season.

Finland, Germany, and Poland are all tied for first with a 3-2 record. Finland has lost two in a row while the other two have won two in a row.

"We're not concerned," said Tony Onello. "For me, this is the latest in the season I've ever been in first place. So I'm content no matter what happens the rest of the way."

For Germany the steaks are a bit higher.

"We're just not hungry enough," said Tripp. "Guys like Powell and Ragu just don't have that killer instinct we need. And Raimo is just going through the motions this season."

"I have my best seasons when I go through the motions," replied Raimo.


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