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Rockets win in OT for third straight game.

They went to OT for the third time, and for the third time they came out with an OT win.

"This has got to be some kind of BBHC record," said John Ragucci.

It probably is. Not just the three wins in a row, but the three OT games in a row.

Blue wasted a perfectly good Hat Trick effort by Steve Iannetti.

"Which one is he?" asked Jeff Whittemore. 

"He's the guy with the wooden leg," said Joe Surette.

"Really?" said a puzzled Jeff, "Good for him. I just thought he was a slow skater."   

On the first goal of the game Cooz got beat on an "Adam Oates" goal by Brendon.

"I took my eye off the faceoff for a second. I thought I saw a hot girl walking by the glass but it was Murph arriving at the rink for the second period," said Cooz.

The Holes shot back with goals by Morin and the first from Iannetti to take a 2-1 lead into first recess. Each team scored a pair in the 2nd, Iannetti picking up his 2nd of the game thanks to Bill Osbahr scoring it for him.

Two quick goals by the Rockets in the third had them up 5-4, but Iannetti struck for his third to tie it with 10:20 to play.

"As if they aren't stacked enough, their worst player scores three," said Tripp shaking his head.

The game would head to OT, where Bruner would get another breakaway, and stop in front of the goalie and tuck it home, just like he did last week in OT for the win.

The Rockets are now the last undefeated team at 3-0, while the Holes drop to 2-1.


Hockeytown B; 18-Sep-2015 06:00 AM; 2015 Regular; Friday

Rockets (Friday) 6 vs Black Holes (Friday) 5  OT

First Period

1. Rockets, Bruner, Brendon (Unassisted) 03:00
2. Black Holes, Morin, Jon (DiGregorio, Jim / Aizanman, Darren) 12:05
3. Black Holes, Iannetti, Steve (Long, Andy / Aizanman, Darren) 17:15
Penalties - None.

Second Period

4. Black Holes, Iannetti, Steve (Murphy, Rick / Long, Andy) 01:40
5. Black Holes, Surette, Joe (DiGregorio, Jim / Zargaj, Tom) 08:40
6. Rockets, Ambrosino, John (Bruner, Brendon) 11:50
7. Rockets, Smith, Joe (Nichol, Todd / Silk, Dustin) 14:15
Penalties - None.

Third Period

8. Rockets, Kramer, Mark (Nichol, Todd / Talbot, Tripp) 03:15
9. Rockets, Smith, Joe (Bruner, Brendon / Talbot, Tripp) 03:45
10. Black Holes, Iannetti, Steve (Murphy, Rick / Morin, Jon) 08:40 (pp)
Penalties - Kramer, Mark - Rockets (Holding-Minor) 07:23

First Overtime Period

11. Rockets, Bruner, Brendon (Smith, Joe) 01:28 (gw)(ot)

Goal - Rockets: Minsk, Ben; Black Holes: Boccuzzi, Mike

Power plays - Rockets: 0-for-0; Black Holes: 1-for-1

Officials: Vin and Jason