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Flamethrowers burn Howitzers with a shutout, 6-0.

There was nothing about this game that stood out, just a routine shutout.

If this game was played in the forest, would anyone hear it? Or even care ?

Tony Onello scored 4 minutes in and that was the game winner.

"I think that's his first game winner in 6 years," noted Jim Wilkinson.

The red Flamethrowers went on to throw salt in the wound, as Mike Saia picked up two assists.

"Okay now that's total crap," said John Gambale. "He wasn't even on the ice for any of those goals."

Onello tacked on two more in the third for the hat trick, but still narrowly missed the Hot List this week. Jim Wilkinson added on a HUGE Kotex point when he scored with 20 seconds left to make it 6-0.

"I didn't here no stinkin buzzer," said Wilkinson.

Tripp was noticeably quiet at the breakfast table.

"No post game analysis on how bad your team is this week?" asked Rick Armand.

The stats below are unofficial. We're still waiting for a confirmation email form Mark Wood's agent to see how many goals he scored that were given to Dan McCarthy.


Hockeytown B; 22-Jan-2016 06:00 AM; 2016 Regular; Friday

Flamethrowers (Friday) 6 Howitzers (Friday) 0

First Period

1. Flamethrowers, Onello, Tony (Nichol, Todd / Talbot, Tripp) 04:00 (gw)
2. Flamethrowers, Wilkinson, Jim (Steigerwald, Jake / Saia, Mike) 06:00
Penalties - None.

Second Period

3. Flamethrowers, Wilkinson, Jim (Steigerwald, Jake / Saia, Mike) 16:00
Penalties - None.

Third Period

4. Flamethrowers, Onello, Tony (Nichol, Todd / Wood, Mark) 00:30
5. Flamethrowers, Onello, Tony (Nichol, Todd / Wood, Mark) 06:49
6. Flamethrowers, Wilkinson, Jim (Unassisted) 18:40
Penalties - Aizanman, Darren - Howitzers (Tripping-Minor) 04:00

Goal - Howitzers: Graham, Rollie; Flamethrowers: Boccuzzi, Mike

Power plays - Howitzers: 0-for-0; Flamethrowers: 0-for-1

Officials: Vin and Jason