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Bored Members collapse in third, 9-2 Granite Skaters.

It was 2-2 after two.

What the heck happened in the third period? Did the Bored Members goalie go home ?

JA Ambrosino opened the scoring just 2 minutes in as the red Members grabbed a 1-0 lead. Just over 7 minutes later T2 tallied for the Skaters and we were tied at 1-1.

T2 then added another, this one in the final minute, and headed into period 2 the Skaters were up 2-1.

Bored Members goalie Tom Fuji played great in the 2nd, stopping all 3 shots and keeping the navy team off the board for those 19 minutes. Ben also played well at other end, holding the red team to just one more goal, again by the better Ambrosino.

Knotted at 2-2 with one period left, it seemed like we had a great game brewing. But by the time the horn sounded, it looked like one team gave up and went home.

The Granite Skaters scored 7 times in that final period, unofficially it's officially a one period scoring record for the BBHC.

Mike Cormican had four, T2 Todd Twombly had two more, and Brian Armand added one.

Marc Teal didn't figure in any of the 9 goals, but his team would get the win, 9-2.

"If this keeps up, we may have to move Trevor Hanson back on defense," noted Bored Member Rick Armand.

Mike Raimo was unavailable for comment after the game.


Hockeytown B; 09-May-2014 06:00 AM; 2014 Regular; Friday

Granite Skaters (Friday) 9  Bored Members (Friday) 2

First Period

1. Bored Members, Ambrosino, JA (Kerrigan, Ted) 02:00
2. Granite Skaters, Twombly, Todd (Unassisted) 09:30
3. Granite Skaters, Twombly, Todd (Danaher, Gavin) 18:41
Penalties - None.

Second Period

4. Bored Members, Ambrosino, JA (Unassisted) 14:40
Penalties - None.

Third Period

5. Granite Skaters, Cormican, Mike (Ragucci, John) 02:10 (gw)
6. Granite Skaters, Twombly, Todd (Talbot, Tripp / Hardy, Steve) 07:25
7. Granite Skaters, Cormican, Mike (Talbot, Tripp) 08:30
8. Granite Skaters, Armand, Brian (Danaher, Gavin / Twombly, Todd) 09:55
9. Granite Skaters, Cormican, Mike (Hardy, Steve / Talbot, Tripp) 11:50
10. Granite Skaters, Cormican, Mike (Kaneb, Steve) 12:05
11. Granite Skaters, Twombly, Todd (Danaher, Gavin / Armand, Brian) 18:35
Penalties - None.

Goal - Bored Members: Fuji, Tom; Granite Skaters: Minsk, Ben

Power plays - Bored Members: 0-for-0; Granite Skaters: 0-for-0

Officials: Adam and Jason