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Funyuns go headhunting in 5-1 win.

This game felt like a 57 minute powerplay for the green Funyuns.

But it started before the game, when some of the Cheetos players were asking where the transgender lockerroom was.

"Why is everyone looking at me?" asked Jon Morin.

The game itself got off to a horrible start as Beef was digging around his belly button for a donut before the opening face-off.  

The Cheetos could barely get the puck of the zone, and the scoreboard reflected that. If not for a sweet goal by Brian Armand, this would have been a shutout for Rollie.

Derek Osbahr made his 2016 debut, scoring two goals then setting up John Gambale for one. He literally skated through the whole team, went behind the net, and banked it in off the stick of Gambale.

"No sah, I helped a little," said Gambale. "And it's good to have one Osbahr on the team ."

That goal made it 5-0 in the third, as the rout was on. DeFillippis and Morin had the other two for the green team, both coming in the second period. Morin's was a real nice one as he stole the puck at center, and skated through everyone in gold and scored.

Mark "Ragu" Defilippis scored a nice goal on a three on one carrying it in from the red line and doing it all himself using his linemates as decoys.

"With my passing skill we never would have got a shot off," said Mark.

Lost in the big win was Andy Long. He was just lost.

For the non winners, JA looked tired, like he was working long hours, or up late binging Game of Thrones. He also had a case of PTD, passing to dad. That hasn't worked for any player in the BBHC to date.

Phatt Deskin and Richard Breed both had forgettable games. Though on one segment, Phatt won four straight faceoffs back to Rick Murphy who hit Rollie in the pads with 4 luke warm shots.

The only Cheeto who had a good game was Brian Armand who broke the shutout with 13:33 left with a seeing eye shot from the point.

"Only two players didn't see that shot, Rollie and Brian," laughed Joe Surette as he brushed the snow off his jersey from another fall.

Gonna be a long season for the Cheetos.

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