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Grenades skate by Guns, 6-2.

The Grenades were all over the Guns from start to finish, and even with a ton of mistakes and Andy Long in the line up, they still easily won by four goals.

Mike Raimo was back to familiar territory on Friday, back on defense.

"It's where all the former great BBHC players go to watch their careers die," laughed Raimo. "Right Murph?"

"That's where they put us, it's a slow, painful death," said Murph. "That's why I always show up late. Atleast we still get to play though."

"Um, I that's not why I'm on defense, is it Bill," retorted Joe Surette.

"Not as far as you know," replied Osbahr.

The puck dropped and went right in the Machine Gun zone, and never left. If not for a post, a crossbar, some open net saves by defenseman Brian Leslie, and some easy misses by Jimmy D. and Brian Armand, this would have been a laugher.

Finally the Grenades did get the puck actually in the net, when JA Ambrosino scored, followed by a Phil Andrusin goal on a 2 on 1 with Mike Raimo.

Was Raimo really on a 2 on 1 while playing defense ?

It should have been 3-0 as the onlsaught continued, but Andy Long decided to NOT pass the puck to a wide open Joe Smith standing alone in front of the Machine Gun net.

"Pull the pin, pull the pin!!" his Grenade teammates were shouting from the bench.

That play came back to haunt Long and the Grenades, as early in the 2nd Mark Melito and Pat Deskin scored a few minutes apart to tie the game at 2-2.

But after that brief McFlurry, it went back to being a one sided affair for the green team.

George Howard scored followed by 2nd goals by both Ambrosino and Andrusin, then Jon Morin tacked on a Kotex point when he scored the final goal of the game in a 6-2 final.

"Some of us were covered in sand after we shook hands," noted Al Peterson. "Something fishy is going on here."

Oh, Andy Long made a nice diving defensive play to stop a breakaway with about 20 seconds left. He wanted us to mention that.


Hockeytown A; 22-Jan-2016 06:00 AM; 2016 Regular; Friday

Grenades (Friday) 6 vs Machine Guns (Friday) 2

First Period

1. Grenades, Ambrosino, JA (Howard, George) 13:05
2. Grenades, Andrusin, Phil (Raimo, Mike) 15:49
Penalties - None.

Second Period

3. Machine Guns, Melito, Mark (Osbahr, Bill) 00:16
4. Machine Guns, Deskin, Pat (Zargaj, Tom) 03:16
5. Grenades, Howard, George (Ambrosino, JA / Morin, Jon) 07:38 (gw)
Penalties - Leslie, Brian - Machine Guns (Interference-Minor) 19:00

Third Period

6. Grenades, Ambrosino, JA (DiGregorio, Jim / Peterson, Alan) 02:16
7. Grenades, Andrusin, Phil (Howard, George) 04:49
8. Grenades, Morin, Jon (Unassisted) 09:27
Penalties - None.

Goal - Grenades: Minsk, Ben; Machine Guns: Fuji, Tom

Power plays - Grenades: 0-for-1; Machine Guns: 0-for-0

Officials: Beef and Greg