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Bobcats keep Sioux winless, 7-4.

The yellow Bobcats fell behind 2-0, but stormed back against the last place green team, taking this one 7-4.

It's the most dysfunctional team in recent BBHC history. We think Rick Armand put all the problems on one team this season on purpose. It's a nice mix of players with issues, and players with alot of issues.

The winless Sioux took a 2-0 lead into first recess as Mark Melito scored, then Ted Kerrigan undressed Trevor Hanson for another goal.

"Trevor was pissed," laughed Marc Teal. "He had nobody to blame it on."

"That expletive deleted no talent guy pulled that expletive deleted move and it expletive deleted worked on me," screamed Trevor.

But after the shaky first period was out of the way, the yellow Bobcats would control the game. They scored 7 of the next 9 goals to rout the Sioux 7-4.

Last season's one season wonder Jim Wilkinson ended up with 3 goals and George "overachieving" Howard had two. Joe Crazy Legs Smith ahd a goal and a few assists.

"I'm ahead of Cormican again, enough said," said a cocky Wilkinson.

"Me too," replied Howard.

All in all it was a team effort by a team that is anything but a team.

"We don't want to win for each other, we want to win for ourselves," noted Pat Deskin. "I'd be perfectly happy seeing all these guys lose every week."

"Honestly, it's much more fun when we're losing," noted Jack Gavin. "The BBHC should do a 24/7 of this team."

The Bobcats improve to 2-1 and the Fighting Sioux improve to 0-3.

"We might not be winning, but we look good in our new green jerseys, and we don't have Mike Saia," said Rick Armand. "Oh wait, we do have him."


Hockeytown A; 24-Jan-2014 06:00 AM; 2014 Regular; BBHC

Bobcats (Friday) 7 vs Fighting Sioux (Friday) 4

First Period

1. Fighting Sioux, Melito, Mark (Saia, Mike / Long, Andy) 03:15
2. Fighting Sioux, Kerrigan, Ted (Unassisted) 18:50
Penalties - None.

Second Period

3. Bobcats, Smith, Joe (Wilkinson, Jim) 02:30
4. Fighting Sioux, Melito, Mark (Unassisted) 08:15
5. Bobcats, Howard, George (Teal, Marc) 11:20
Penalties - None.

Third Period

6. Bobcats, Osbahr, Bill (Gavin, Jack) 18:37
7. Bobcats, Wilkinson, Jim (Miller, Ted) 05:15
8. Bobcats, Wilkinson, Jim (Smith, Joe) 06:15 (gw)
9. Bobcats, Howard, George (Osbahr, Bill) 10:15
10. Fighting Sioux, Cormican, Mike (Armand, Brian) 17:00
11. Bobcats, Wilkinson, Jim (Smith, Joe) 13:00
Penalties - Rogato, Jeff - Fighting Sioux (Tripping-Minor) 02:30

Goal - Bobcats: Minsk, Ben; Fighting Sioux: Boccuzzi, Mike

Power plays - Bobcats: 0-for-1; Fighting Sioux: 0-for-0

Officials: Brian and Adam