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It was ugly, 5-2 Funyuns.

Jimmy D. whiffs on a shot with the goalie down during the 5-2 Ruffles loss on Friday in the photo above.

We kid alot about every Friday being a bad game, well this week we weren't kidding. It was like an episode of the Three Stooges, with Curly Joe as the third stooge.

If players weren't falling down on their own, they were colliding into each other. Many never got a shot away on a breakaway, and still more passes were missed than led to many icing calls in the game.

To top it all off, Mike Raimo opened the scoring.  We could stop right here. You get the picture.

Later in the period a faceoff win by Dan McCarthy led to a Mark DeFelippis goal. Jon Morin and John Gambale each scored to put the green team up 3-1 after one.

The 2nd period went scoreless. And let's just forget about that period, shall we ?

Aizanman and DeFelippis tacked on the 4th and 5th goals for the green Funyuns team, as even though they were playing badly, they were in the lead.

What does this say about the navy team ? If not for a last second shot from center ice by Chewie that Rollie didn't feel like saving, this would have been a one goal outing for the Ruffles.

After what we saw today, these two teams will be lucky to even qualify for the Consolation Game.

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