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Clue and Monopoly play to a boring 2-2 tie.

It seems the South rink always gets the worst of the two games every week.

This week they didn't even have a winner.

We're not sure how the navy Clue team is even keeping up with anyone, seeing as the league took away their first and second round picks. But give them credit, they got a pair of goals from two C players to get a tie in week two.

George Howard and Mike Uretsky each tipped the puck in front past Cooz, and each was a tying goal at the time. Monopoly had goals from the Armands and this one ended in a tie.

Rick's goal was a shorthanded goal, and a nice one.

Fuji played well in net, as only two goals allowed is a career day for him.

Nobody scored in OT, we don't even remember a shot in OT. That's the type of game we had folks.

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