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Tigers fall to 0-2 after 5-3 loss to Ducks.

Both teams were coming off opening day losses last week. The green Ducks would hand the Tigers their 2nd loss in a row, with a convincing 5-3 win on Friday, and also pick up their first win in the process.

Last week the Tigers gave up 8 goals in a loss. This week they looked to trim that number to about 7.

"It's early in the season," said captain Armand. "Like Bill Parcells, we don't want to tip our hand to early, so we're taking baby steps."

The Tigers managed to keep the Ducks forwards off the board, but defensemen Trevor Hanson and Steve Hardy connected for goals for a 2-0 Duck lead.

"I really wouldn't call them either one of them defensemen," noted Tripp.

The lead ballooned to 3-0 when the late arriving Richard Breed scored for the Ducks.

"If we all arrived at the start of the 2nd period, we'd all be refreshed and be scoring goals," said a sour Mark DeFilippis.

"It wasn't my fault there was a line at the MceeDee's drive thru in Revere," replied Breed.

Andy Long would singlehandedly bring the Tigers back to within a goal, while the rest of the Tigers struggled to find their game, scoring a pair including a shorty.

"I don't like to brag, but yeah I was our best guy today," said Long.

But a goal late in the 2nd by Phatt Deskin would prove to be the game winner. Each team would tack on a Kotex goal in the third to account for the 5-3 final.

The cherry on top of the victory for the Ducks was the fact that Saia's skate was broken during one of his 4 shifts and it looks like he could be out for the foreseeable future. "Addition by subtraction" whispered the usually tight lipped Ted Miller

The Tigers have now allowed 13 goals in just two games.

"We got Armand playing defense like Trevor, and Raimo playing defense like Gambale," said Jim Wilkinson via cell phone after the game. "What do you think was going to happen?"

Ducks Assistant GM Richard Breed, who showed up late with the extra shirts by the way, confirmed that Rick Murphy will be seen by a team physician to check him for narcolepsy after he repeatedly fell asleep in the middle of his shift. "We had it done for Hardy last week but he received a clean bill of health...apparently he's just really slow" added Breed Jr.


Hockeytown B; 12-Sep-2014 06:00 AM; 2014 Regular; Friday

Ducks (Friday) 5 vs Tigers (Friday) 3

First Period

1. Ducks, Hardy, Steve (Twombly, Todd) 03:10
2. Ducks, Hanson, Trevor (Deskin, Pat) 15:20
Penalties - None.

Second Period

3. Ducks, Breed, Richard (Unassisted) 03:47
4. Tigers, Long, Andy (Unassisted) 10:00
5. Tigers, Long, Andy (Raimo, Mike / Talbot, Tripp) 14:05 (sh)
6. Ducks, Deskin, Pat (Breed, Rick) 18:00 (gw)
Penalties - Talbot, Tripp - Tigers (Tripping-Minor) 13:20

Third Period

7. Tigers, DiGregorio, Jim (Steeves, Russ / Wilkinson, Jim) 12:00
8. Ducks, Deskin, Pat (Murphy, Rick) 16:35
Penalties - None.

Goal - Ducks: Graham, Rollie; Tigers: Minsk, Ben

Power plays - Ducks: 0-for-1; Tigers: 0-for-0

Officials: Vin and Brian