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Sioux can't trip up Wolverines in 4-4 tie.


All the navy Wolverines needed was a tie, and that's just what they got.

Just two minutes in Gavin Danaher had the Wolves off and running. It stayed 1-0 into the 2nd period when Sioux captain Rick Armand had to shorten the bench.

"Hey Saia, can you run out and get us some snacks?" asked Armand.

Snacks worked, as Mike Cormican tied the game just over 4 minutes into the middle period. Then Mr. McMuffin himself Richard Breed made his first contribution to the team this season, as he took a nice pass from Tripp and made it 2-1 navy.

Cooz and Mr. X were both playing well in net for the first two periods, as this was a very low scoring game by BBHC standards.

A quick goal to start the third period by Tripp had the Sioux in trouble now, down 3-1 and needing a win to force a game three. Mr. X and the Wolverines held on until midway through the period when George Anderson cut that lead to 3-2.

This one would funnel down under two minutes as the green team got more desperate than Andy Long at a captain's only meeting. Mark Melito then scored with 1:36 to play to tie it at 3-3, and there was still time for a miracle come back.

But with the Sioux pulling out all the stops looking for the winning goal they needed, Brendon Bruner put the dagger in the heart with his goal with only 74 seconds left.

Melito would score again to tie it at 4-4 with 44 seconds left, but the Sioux needed a win, and time ran out.

The Wolverines as expected sweep the Sioux and move on to the Coffee Cup game next week against the underdog Badgers.

"The Badgers won? Really?" asked Tripp. "Sweet, another Championship for me, but more importantly, we can let everyone play next week."

After the game John Gambale was asked about the finger pointing.

"Did you say finger pointing or finger painting?" said the witty one.