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Sheep pork the Pigs, 7-2 to advance to finals.


The Sheep got 3 goals and an assist from 3rd liner Jimmy D, and that's usually good enough for a win, and it was.

In a winner take all game two, the Sheep went up 2-0 on first period goals by DiGregorio and Bill Osbahr.

The lead ballooned to 5-0 after two when Jimmy D. tacked on his 2nd and Thompson and Grasso each found the net as well.

At this point up 5 headed into the third, it was almost safe enough to put out the John Ambrosino line.

A 2nd goal by Thompson made it 6-0 before the Pigs finally got on the board. Too little and way too late, as the Sheep would huff and puff and blow the little Pigs out of the playoffs.

Tripp Talbot is more than ready for the grudge match next week against the Chickens.

"I don't think I'm gonna sleep a wink this week," said Tripp on Twitter.

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