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Bored Members secure 2nd seed with 6-3 win.

The Granite Skaters were missing a key Bitch on Friday, that and several penalties cost them a game.

Yeas Granite Skaters enforcer Brian Armand took 11 penalties but with only Vin reffing only 3 were called.

"I've seen this dirty style of play from Brian many times," said Peeps. "I had to watch him like a hawk when we played Connect 4 as kids"

The GS had maybe 8 players. No Hardy, Teal, Ragu, Bratt, Fortini. That's a half-ton of dead weight right there. 

"We almost had to offer them Al Peterson," said Rick Breed. "As you know, we're all about fairness."

With Pat Gavin in net for the BM, they were able to give their playoff goalie Tom Fuji another week of rest. Rumor is he's working some extra hours on Friday morning to try and buy some new goalie gear.

Does Cooper still make goalie pads ???

Brian Armand had 3 penalties on the scoresheet but if felt like more. He seemed to be around the penalty box all morning long. Maybe he was just trying to keep up with the other Armands on the scoresheet, though they were getting G's and A's.

Despite the score and the one sided game, Tripp was gracious enough to spend time reviewing each call with Vinny, who was working alone.

"I just was trying to help out," noted Tripp. "It's not easy reffing alone and I wanted to make sure every call was right."

Zack Armand had a nice goal for the winning red team.  First he torched Uncle Brian on D, then zipped in across Ben and flipped a quick backhander for the tally. Should make for some great stories at the next family cook out.

Rick Breed found himself in front of an empty net with the puck on his stick, and he's 50/50 from that range with no goalie in the way. That's good coaching and he earns himself a goal.

Losing goalie Ben Minsk played well considering the sorry line up in front of him.  He even pulled an Armand goal out of the net before the referee could call it a goal.  Luckily it didn't cost Rick the scoring title.

Next week these two teams meet in the playoffs, for real. The Granite Skaters are heavily favored, even though they are rumoured to be missing some key players.


Hockeytown B; 25-Jul-2014 06:00 AM; 2014 Regular; Friday

Bored Members (Friday) 6 vs Granite Skaters (Friday) 3

First Period

1. Bored Members, Ambrosino, JA (Unassisted) 03:30
2. Bored Members, Armand, Rick (Armand, Zachary) 05:05
3. Bored Members, Armand, Rick (Hanson, Trevor) 16:25 (pp)
4. Granite Skaters, Twombly, Todd (Talbot, Tripp) 18:30

Penalties - Armand, Brian - Granite Skaters (Hooking-Minor) 09:50,
Armand, Rick - Bored Members (Hooking-Minor) 11:24,
Armand, Brian - Granite Skaters (Tripping-Minor) 15:30

Second Period

5. Granite Skaters, Cormican, Mike (Unassisted) 02:09
6. Bored Members, Breed, Rick (Breed, Richard) 06:50 (gw)
7. Bored Members, Armand, Zachary (Nichol, Todd) 10:09
Penalties - Ted, Miller - Granite Skaters (Holding-Minor) 15:40

Third Period

8. Bored Members, Ambrosino, JA (Unassisted) 15:20
9. Granite Skaters, Danaher, Gavin (Twombly, Todd) 16:50
Penalties - Armand, Brian - Granite Skaters (Hooking-Minor) 04:04

Goal - Bored Members: Gavin, Pat; Granite Skaters: Minsk, Ben

Power plays - Bored Members: 1-for-4; Granite Skaters: 0-for-1

Officials: Vinny