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Libertarians rebound from shutout with 7-2 win.

The gold team took advantage of a vintage Fuji performance in net, and cruised to a 7-2 win, well everyone but Darren Aizanman.

After getting shutout last week, the gold team was back with a vengeance. To be fair though, most goals were tip ins, breakaways, or open net tap ins, as the red goalie and defense were not on the same page all day long.

Only Aizanman was prevented by Fuji from scoring into an open net, after he was spoon fed by Trevor Legere on a 2 on 0 break.

"That guy personally cost me 4-5 assists easy today," said Lloyd Johnston who started that play, and many others that did not result in a goal.

Andrusin, Legere, and Ambrosino all had first period goals as the Libertarians started to walk away early.

Second period goals by Andrusin and Armand, both open net tap ins had gold up 5-0.

Coach Bill Osbahr was on the bench watching the debacle.

"I broke my leg for these guys, and this is what I get?" said Osbahr. "Maybe I shoulda broke my neck too."

With Osbahr out, Kellogg was back in the lineup, along with Derek Osbahr.

"Why don't I get upgrades like that?" asked Rick Armand.

"Anymore," replied Lloyd. "Why don't I get upgrades like that anymore, is what you meant to say."

But that wasn't the line of the day, that belonged to Rick Murphy who said, "Armand telling new guy Blaine to stop hanging is like Elizabeth Warren telling people to stop pretending to be Indians."

Late in the 2nd Steve Thompson finally broke the shutout bid for Ben, when he got a loose puck off the faceoff and scored.

There was some late and meaningless goals in the third as gold skates to the 7-2 win. With this win, it sets up a possibility for all 4 teams to finish 6-6 pending the outcome on next week's games. Ponder that for a moment.

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