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Woolworths ends the Lechmere winning streak, 6-4.

The 3 game winning streak for Lechmere came to an end this week, at the hand of the now first place green Woolworths team.

Derek Osbahr had 4 goals, as he continues to drag the green team along this season.

Actually, if you look at the standings, the first place team has scored 10 less goals then they've allowed.

"They only stat that matters is the points in the standings," said Dan McCarthy.

"Well, yeah, maybe for guys like you that don't score much," said Jimmy D.

Red Lechmere team,missing goalie Kyle Jacobs, had their three game winning streaked snapped by Derek Osbahr's four goals and Woolworths won
 6-4. Sub goalie Pat Gavin played well but Green capitalized on Jacobs absence.

Woolworths got to sub goalie Pat Gavin early with a pair of goals. Osbahr and Nichol had them up 2-0 before shower buddy Brian Leslie cut the lead in half with a shorthanded goal.

Lechmere managed to tie the game at 3-3 in the 2nd, before surrendering 3 goals in the third, all to Osbahr, and falling 6-4.

"I can see Derek as the new Mark Melito," said Jack Gavin. "He'll have a couple of good seasons, they let it go to his head, and need to rely on guys like Chiulli just to stay in the top 20. And that's not fair to Chiulli."

With two games left, there's still alot of room for movement in the standings with both of these teams.


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