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Caldor can't cash in in 5-2 loss to Bradlees.

The first place gold Caldor team has lost two in a row, and that has dropped them into 2nd place.

Some failed breakaways and some key no shows, led to this demise.

"Melito leads the league in scoring last year, signs a big contract, then puts it in cruise control this season," said Jim Wilkinson.  "Same thing happened with Marc Teal, 17 years ago."

It wasn't the most fundamentality played hockey game, as both teams were missing a few players, but the Blue Bradlees team came out on top of Yellow Caldor  5-2.  Blue was missing All-Star forward JA Ambrosino and Yellow was missing All-Star defenceman Mike Saia. 

"I read somewhere he got a rubdown last week from Kevin Spacey," said John Gambale, "Maybe he's still there?" 

Chris Caruso got Blue on the board on the first shift of the game on a nice hustle and shot coming down the right side.  Yellow came back and took the lead on goals from Ted Miller and Melito but after that Ben Minsk shut the door the rest of the way. 

Goals from C scrubs Andy Long, Mark Wood and Rick Murphy all found the net for the navy team.

Then in the 3rd, the last player picked in the draft scored for the navy Bradlees team, and with the win, they are now the hottest team in the league.

"That's all I get is one sentence?" asked Ambrosino. "I score the best goal of the game, and I get one sentence in the recap?"

Rollie did make a nice save on a breakaway from Rick Armand to keep Yellow within striking distance, but that's as close as they came.

Going into the final two weeks of the season, the Navy team now controls their own destiny.

"We surely don't want to face that red hot Red team in the first round," noted Rick Armand. "So as long as they finish in 4th, we're happy finishing in 3rd."

"We were thinking the same thing when we 'lost' today, and fell into 2nd place," replied Jim Wilkinson. "I learned from the best."


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